Rivera Travel launches new agent portal

by Laura Gelder

Escorted touring specialist Rivera Travel has developed a new online trade resource to help agents book more smoothly online

The new agent's portal matches the customer-facing version, making it easier for agents to see what their clients are seeing. The tour operator says it is “cleaner, fresher, more intuitive and interactive and completely up to date.”

The booking page has been revamped, so that once agents are logged in their agency details are already there. In addition, there is an area to add your own individual details so that commission can be correctly attributed.

There are three options on the booking page: 'hold an option', 'make a booking' or 'create a trip planner'. If an agents doesn’tsolely hold an option this still needs to be confirmed via a phone call.

The trip planner allows agents to give their clients a professional and personalized printout of all the itinerary details and costings for the tour/cruise before they make their booking.



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