Learn Trinbago

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the UK’s most up-and-coming long-haul holiday destinations and offers its own personality, charm and character - one destination, two island experiences. Learning about this dual-island nation is now easier than ever with a refreshed six-module training programme.

Bursting with unparalleled spirit and culture, Trinidad and Tobago offers travellers a unique opportunity to experience endless possibilities and plenty of commission potential, amazing rewards and fantastic incentives for agents.

Tobago is one of the few remaining Caribbean havens not overrun by tourism, with idyllic beaches, unspoilt rainforest and folk traditions that survived the test of time.

Trinidad, meanwhile, moves at a frenetic pace, from the driving rhythms of Carnival to a robust economy open for international business. Its unique culture is showcased by world-renowned festivals.

The modules:

  1. Introduction: Facts about the destinations, key market information and why you should be selling them.
  2. Trinidad: In-depth information regarding all the regions of Trinidad and the the key attractions and the hidden gems waiting to be discovered.
  3. Tobago: Discover the key regions of Scarborough, the Windward coast, the Leeward coast and Northern Tobago.
  4. Holiday types: How to sell romance, adventure, active holidays and nature.
  5. Holiday types: How to sell romance, adventure, active holidays and nature.
  6. Be an expert: Sample itineraries, plus information on the nightlife and cuisine that will make you a true Trinbago expert.

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