Namibia Know It All

This four-module programme is designed to bring the dramatic landscapes and unique attractions of Namibia to life and give you the knowledge and tools needed to sell it now!

Namibia’s wildlife is the country’s most obvious pull. Around 25% of all living cheetahs are estimated to be living within its borders and birdlife and vast national parks including Etosha, Africa's oldest national park, are great pulls for nature lovers.

Less obvious selling points are Namibia’s culture, including an interesting mix of European and tribal roots, from the Himba people and their traditional garb to the German and Dutch influences on the architecture of Lüderitz and Windhoek.

Learn about landscapes ranging from beach to desert, vibrant towns and cities and fantastic wilderness retreats.

The modules:

  1. What makes Namibia great: This module is all about getting to grips with Namibia. It includes an overview of its main tourism centres, attractions and hidden gems.
  2. Why Namibia: From Windhoek to The Zambezi Region, this module covers the main areas and cites of Namibia. You'll find out which ones will work for your clients, as well as gaining a general overview for each area, a list of key attractions and ways to increase your selling potential by highlighting hidden gems.
  3. Holiday types: This covers the three holiday types which are big draws for Namibia: Parks and Wildlife; Adventure; and Soft adventure.
  4. How to sell: This puts everything you have learned together to show you really know it all about Namibia! It will give you an overview of itineraries to suggest and which activities to pair together.

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