With national and territorial parks in abundance, including the UNESCO World Heritage site, Kluane National Park, and four Canadian Heritage Rivers there's little reason why visitors shouldn't experience some of the most remote and unforgettable areas of the Yukon.


Take advantage of the outdoor adventure activities in Yukon. From hiking to river tours, flightseeing, dog sledding, canoeing, mountain biking, fishing...the list goes on and on. Yukoners take adventure seriously, with outdoor activities on offer all year round.



In a land the size of California with a small-town population of 36,000 people, visitors have room to be themselves. Pristine waters and clean air will rejuvenate the soul, while the chance to spot local wildlife including bears, moose and elk in their natural habitat will restore a connection to nature.


The Klondike Gold Rush defined Canada in the later 1800s. Today visitors can experience a hike on the Chilkoot Trail, ride the rails of the historic White Pass and Yukon route, board a turn-of-the last century paddlewheel or stroll the streets of historic Dawson City or Carcross.


Visitors can experience first-hand the many year-round festivals, events and tours celebrating the first people of Yukon and their strong link to the land and wildlife.

The Aurora

A National Geographic reader survey listed watching the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) as the most natural, spiritual attraction to experience in North America. While as common as a sunset for northerners, a spectacular display can pierce city lights and make for an unforgettable memory.

Drive time

Driving is one of the most rewarding ways to experience the Yukon. With plenty of clean and comfortable campgrounds in spectacular wilderness areas, renting an RV or motorhome is a great way for visitors to experience the beauty of this land, without foregoing the comforts of home – perfect for clients who want to take the road less travelled.

Choose from seven iconic drives, including the famed Alaska Highway and the Dempster to witness beautiful scenery, friendly communities and a new experience around every corner.

Did you know?

A whopping 80% of the Yukon is pure wilderness, home to more than 160,000 caribou, 70,000 moose, 22,000 mountain sheep, 7,000 grizzly bears, 220 species of birds and only 36,000 humans!