As Turkey remains on the UK government’s safe to travel list, airlines are increasing capacity to satisfy the last minute rush for summer sun. Here’s our top pick of Turkish escapes…


It’s become an Instagram favourite in recent times, made famous by its cone-shaped rock formations or ‘fairy chimneys’ and hot air balloon-spotted sunrises, but Cappadocia in central Turkey is so much more than its hashtags.

This historical region, set upon the Anatolian plains, acts as an open-air museum with its ancient cave dwellings and tunnel complex creating an otherworldly landscape dating back to the fourth century A.D.

The town of Göreme is the main visitor entry point to the park, which can be reached via bus from Kayseri airport. This is where you’ll find the famous rock formations, cave houses and panoramic sunset points such as Lover’s Hill.

A real bucket-list experience is flying in a hot air balloon at sunrise with over 100 other balloons. However, if heights are an issue, it’s just as spectacular watching from the ground.


One of the most ancient cities in the world, Istanbul is a feast for the eyes with bright bazaars and historic Ottoman-style palaces at every turn.

The Hagia Sophia museum and church is one of Istanbul’s grandest attractions, exhibiting a mixture of cultures from east-meets-west with mosaics, gold-tinged paintings and Arabic calligraphy.

A memorable, yet chaotic experience can be found at the Grand Bazaar, with over 4000 market stalls to explore. Visitors can buy anything from carpets to spices with haggling being part of the fun.

Ultimatley, There’s no better way to explore Istabul than to meander through the streets sampling the best Turkish coffee and baklava that the country has to offer.


Kas, a southwest town on the Mediterranean coastline, is the perfect beach town for those that want to spend their time dipping in and out of the sea or browsing the handmade trinkets in the shabby chic shops.

Kas was once a historic fishing town with remnants of its seafaring past still visible in the marina. The town offers plenty of traditional Turkish restaurants and bright bougainvillea-covered houses that stretch all the way down to the coast.

Clients that are a tad more adventurous can climb up to the old amphitheatre for a great sunset viewpoint, hike part of the Lycian Way or take a scuba dive trip to explore the ruins at Patara Beach from below.


A more laid back alternative to Istanbul, Izmir on Turkey’s West Coast has a slower, more relaxed feel than some other Turkish cities.

It’s home to the ancient Roman city of Ephesus which was a significant stop on the Silk Road where merchants would exchange spices and fabrics. The ancient site of Agora, which dated back to the 4th century BC, is also a worthwhile stop on any history itinerary. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 178 BC but was quickly rebuilt by the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. 

From Izmir clients can also take a day trip to Pamukkale, in the Denizili province, to visit its famous thermal waters and white cloud-like terraces.