Agents find ‘purpose’ in booking travel

by Jessica Pook

New research conducted by G Adventures has revealed that 70% of travel agents believe that their work ‘makes the world a better place’.

A breakdown of the ‘State of Purpose in the Travel Industry’ survey, which looked specifically at what motivates travel agents, found that globally 71% of travel agents identify as being purpose-oriented. This increased to 80% among adventure travel specialists.

It suggests that travel agents who are purpose-orientated are over 30% more satisfied with their job, while 97% of UK adventure specialists believe that responsible travel is a source of positive social change around the world. Agents are also more inclined to book responsible travel trips for clients as this generates a feel good factor for both parties.

As a result of the survey, G Adventures has announced a new incentive programme called ‘Change Makers Challenge’ which incentivises agents to focus on ‘changing people’s lives’ through travel, and invites them to rediscover their purpose.

The results were revealed at World Travel Market by G Adventures’ founder Bruce Poon Tip during his keynote speech ‘Finding Passion, Purpose and Happiness’.

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