Balearic Islands announces new tourism strategy

by Jessica Pook

The Balearic Islands Tourist Board unveiled its new tourism strategy at World Travel Market, focuses on the preservation of its cultural and natural heritage.

The Balearic Islands Tourist Board, which overseas promotion of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, has launched a series of tourism strategies designed to preserve the cultural heritage of the archipelago and promote a sustainable tourism model.

Mallorca has announced a new project entitled ‘Mallorca Inspires’ to highlight the island’s cultural heritage. The project will focus on sustainable tourism practices centering around the island’s culture, heritage and natural environment.

The island will be promoting this campaign in core markets with various actions including a photographic exhibition by award-winning filmmaker and photographer Pep Bonet, as well as gastronomic events, local produce demos and live music ventures. It also aims to boost its tourist offering outside of the high season.

Menorca’s focus is to improve marine life and to extend its Biosphere Reserve. Plans to create a new protected area in the southeast of the island are ongoing, adding to the already existing North Menorca Marine Reserve.

Ibiza’s ‘Ibiza World Heritage’ campaign highlights the island’s rich customs and traditions on the ‘other side of the island’. The slogan for the campaign is ‘Ibiza… sure you know it?’, aims to tackle the stigma surrounding the island’s nightlife and ultimately promote its rich cultural heritage.

Formentera, meanwhile, hopes to encourage visitors to experience its natural beauty through its ‘Unique and Natural’ strategy. It has been designed to highlight Formentera as a refuge for unparalleled natural beauty, particularly focusing on the island’s Posidonia meadows.

This new tourism campaign sits alongside the ‘Save Posidonia Project’ which launched in 2017 and aims to preserve the eight-kilometre meadow of Posidonia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

British tourists make up nearly a quarter (22.7%) of inbound tourism to the Balerics, with the majority (62.8%) heading to Mallorca compared to 22.5% on Ibiza and Formentera, and 13.7% on Menorca.

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