Belize invests in UK market with training

by Jessica Pook

The Belize Tourism Board is to launch a new training programme for agents, to encourage further growth in UK visitors.

Agents will have the chance to become a Belize specialist and learn all about the Central American destination, which is currently showing the second highest growth rate for visitors in the Caribbean, with an increase of 12% in UK visitors alone in 2018 compared to the previous year.

The tourist board is also set to host two fam trips for UK agents and tour operators. A luxury-focused fam will depart from March 31 to April 6 and will host five tour operators, while another is planned for agents later in the year with the theme to be confirmed.

Adding to its appeal, from April 22 (Earth Day), Belize will up its sustainability efforts by banning the use of single-use plastic bags, plastic food utensils and single-use disposable styrofoam.

Its protection and sustainability efforts have already assisted in the Belize Barrier Reef (the second largest in the world) being taken off the UNESCO endangered list last year.

Karen Bevans Director Tourism for Belize said: “We have invested significantly in the European market and continue to raise awareness of Belize as a bucket list destination. Our direct Air Mexico flight from Mexico City has helped to increase accessibility and we are in talks for a direct flight with BA. We are also thrilled that our Barrier Reef is now no longer endangered and encourage people to come and dive the largest living reef in the world.”

The Belize Tourism Board will also be attending the CTO and LATA roadshows later this year and coverage of a Selling Travel Dialogue dedicated to Belize which took place last night (March 13) will be in the next issue of Selling Travel.

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