Travel Counsellors break sales records again

by Charlotte Flach

Travel Counsellors is experiencing record-breaking sales, exceeding 2019 performance for yet another consecutive month.

The findings from a recent Travel Counsellor customer survey show 75% of customers are feeling highly or fairly confident to book and travel and half of respondents are planning two or more holidays abroad this year; with a quarter of respondents willing and able to spend more on their getaways.

In April 2022, UK leisure sales performed at 136% compared to 2019 levels. Also, 137 Travel Counsellors (TCs) had their best ever sales month in April 2022 – with nine of them each amassing over £200,000 in bookings.

One Gold TC managed to book more than 200 trips last month, achieving over £1.3m in sales - the biggest ever in Travel Counsellors’ 28 year history.

Steve Byrne, CEO at Travel Counsellors, said: “We are delighted to see that the desire and demand for travel remains high – and that many of our TCs are continuing to experience their best ever months on record. 

“As confidence in travel continues to increase alongside the further reduction in restrictions around the world – more holidaymakers and business travellers - largely SMEs - are once again booking their trips. It is a very exciting time for our business and it is abundantly clear that both our leisure and corporate customers want to travel and book.”


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