Alberta Specialist

The Alberta Specialist programme is designed to make selling Alberta easy and will give you the confidence and knowledge to sell all areas of the province to your clients. The programme consists of six modules focusing on key regions and experiences of Alberta, from festivals in Edmonton to fishing in Fort McMurray.

Each module presents information on a variety of attractions, experiences, and adventures.

Complete the first module by February 19, 2019, to receive a cuddly bear keyring.

The modules:

  1. Alberta Specialist I begins with Alberta Basics, a module which introduces you to the key destinations of the province. You'll then focus on the iconic Canadian Rockies before learning about Alberta's Urban Centres.
  2. Alberta Specialist II builds on the core offerings of Alberta with some not-so-obvious experiences and adventures available to travellers. This includes a look at both the North and South regions of the province and unique experiences. The final module, Why Alberta? provides you with some specific ideas and itinerary suggestions on selling Alberta to your clients.

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