AlUla Specialist

For 200,000 years AlUla in the northwest of Saudi Arabia has attracted ancient civilisations and pilgrims and is now sharing its treasures with the world. AlUla is an eloquent symbol of a great heritage and this largely undiscovered region holds a timeless mystery, from its world heritage site of Hegra to Dadan, Jabal Ikmah and AlUla Old Town, to an array of natural wonders such as Elephant Rock and a lush green oasis.

The official travel trade hub and online training platform features a dynamic five-module trade training programme, a trade toolkit, directory of in destination partners, webinars, trade rewards and incentives, news and product updates as well as the opportunity to attend upcoming events. Giving agents the tools to become AlUla specialist and sell the destination with confidence.

The training platform includes the following modules

The modules:

  1. Introduction to AlUla: Discover AlUla in the northwest Madinah Region of Saudi Arabia and explore an incredible journey through time with over 7,000 years of human civilisation. This module will give you the where, why, when and how to sell this unique destination just waiting to be re-discovered.
  2. Hegra – An open air living museum: Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore an open-air living museum whilst discovering this Nabataean city, home to elaborately carved tombs and archaeological treasures waiting to be rediscovered
  3. Dadan and Jabal Ikmah: Explore the ancient city of Dadan, capital of the Dadanite and Liyhanite Kingdoms - the perfect place to discover all the region’s fascinating stories as they continue to unfold. Combine with a visit with the ‘open-air library’ of Jabal Ikmah, with hundreds of ancient scripts engraved on rock faces thousands of years old.
  4. AlUla Old Town and Oasis: Immerse yourself in AlUla’s unique human heritage. Explore the labyrinth of 900 traditional mud brick buildings, listen to the stories of a fading way of life, and relax in the AlWadi and Oasis, a lush green haven that has provided shelter and fertile lands for millennia..
  5. Nature and adventure: Explore AlUla’s astonishing beauty - from its monumental natural landmarks, as well as landscapes of canyons, volcanic plains, mountains, valleys and oasis with all their amazing colours. Learn about the must see sights – a photographer’s dream.

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