Tawash Qatar

A relatively new and undiscovered force in international tourism, Qatar has a huge potential for growth is one of the world’s most exciting ‘new’ destinations.

Situated on the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar boasts many natural tourism assets including year-round sunshine, extensive beaches, an Inland Sea and desert scenery.

The country complements these with man-made attractions such as high-quality luxury hotels, a rapidly developing aviation sector and top-class sports and recreation facilities.

Most importantly, Qatar has outstanding cultural appeal in the form of its hospitable and welcoming people, authentic Qatari traditions and crafts and fascinating heritage sites.

The modules:

  1. The essentials: This module covers the key facts about Qatar and includes an A-Z listing of reasons to sell this up and coming country.
  2. Understand Qatar: Covering a brief history of Qatar as well as its overall appeal, this module delves deeper into what makes Qatar unique. It also gives a list of dos and don’ts for would-be travellers.
  3. Explore Qatar: There are a variety of cultural landmarks to see across the country, including museums and heritage sites, and this module covers the main attractions. It also looks at the capital of Doha in detail.
  4. Experience Qatar: Detailing the activities on offer within the destination, this module gets agents to grips with the leisure opportunities, tours, events and sports available in Qatar.
  5. Travel Qatar: The practicalities of visiting Qatar are all here, from getting around to accommodation, this module is an agent’s bread and butter.

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